Our Favorite JEM Recipes

potato salad in a white bowl on marble next to an open jar of curry tahini
We have created the perfect potato salad here at JEM Organics. The key player is our liquid gold Cashew Curry Tahini, which adds a little sweet heat. With the contrasting crunch of the vegetables and creamy texture of potatoes, the spice of the cashew curry is just the thing to bring your basic potato salad to life.
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Chickpea sandwich on a plate
Healthy, simple and so darn good! This Curry Chickpea Salad Sandwich is a must have for every picnic, hike and adventure you have this summer. Refreshing yet satisfying, this sandwich will be adored by the whole family. We used our JEM Organics Cashew Curry Tahini in this recipe to provide a sweet heat and undeniably delicious flavor. We hope you enjoy!
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