Nut butter ball sacks on a blue plate

Perfect Bites

This month we are highlighting ways to reduce our waste and promote environmental sustainability. A great way to reduce waste is by creating a copycat recipe of some of your favorite store bought snacks. The less snacks bought means less plastic wrapper waste. These Perfect bites are a great snack to fuel your day. Replace these bites with your normally bought energy bar. They are a great pre-workout or activity snack. Enjoy this easy and delicious recipe!

Perfect Bites Recipe by Mary Pantenburg (@unless.with.less)



  1. Mix all of the dry ingredients first
  2. Add and mix in JEM nut butter
  3. Add the vanilla and then SLOWLY add the milk - as you may not need it all
  4. At this stage, mix with your hands as the mixture will be very difficult to stir
  5. Add the chocolate chips
  6. Use your hands again to form perfect little protein balls
  7. Note: Store in fridge for up to a week