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Recipe: What's in Your Brown Bag?

It's time to get back into the habit of making lunches for the whole family––that means you too! With the help of a couple moms and dads here at Jem, we've created a list of some of the best Brown Bag lunches around for YOU, not necessarily your kiddos. Although, they love Jem!

We've learned over lots and lots of combined years of experience, that the best lunches have these three things in common: affordable, simple, and healthy. Now to make that magical trio come to life, you need to cook dinners at home, shop wisely (don't shop down aisles), and do it daily to master the art of packing lunches a.k.a. eating well.

  • Fried Egg Bagel Sandwich with extra spinach and sriracha mayo. When you're making breakfast, fry an extra egg for lunch. 
  • Adult PBJ: ditch the PB and add Jem to made an adulterated version of the classic sandwich. If you make this for your kids, beware! They LOVE our nut butters and have been known to deplete secret stashes of Jem in seconds. 
  • Snacky Lunch For The Mediterranean Ladies: veggie sticks, hummus, muffin, sprouted nuts, almond butter and fresh fruit, flavored water, olives, cheese slices and two hard boiled eggs for protein. Satisfaction all day long, one nibble at a time. 
  • Chicken Salad From Leftover Grilled Chicken: add fresh cubed veggies, cranberries, aioli, and poppy seeds –– no need for bread, bring fresh endive wedges to dig in!
  • Wraps! Wraps make the world go 'round especially because they put leftover salad, meat, and even breakfast potatoes to good use. Just add a sauce, et voila.
  • Leftover Bowl: If you ever make bowls at home for dinner, make one extra and night, and BOOM, lunch is served. Our bowls are usually a brown rice base (cooked in coconut milk), lots of greens dressed in lemon juice, grilled vegetables, grilled meat, and lots of toppings including fresh herbs, salt and pepper, fresh vegetables and a sauce if we really need a little extra something from that big run.

What are your best brown bag lunches? Let us know in the comments below or tag us on your creations on Instagram, as @jemorganics.

Enjoy and happy September!

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