What Matters in Your Life? - JEM Organics

What Matters in Your Life?

It may seem like a trick question that the most examined mind might respond with some profound answer of, "What matters is now." 

While we agree and try hard to practice that level of awareness, we also have to work our buns off every day ––just like everyone else–– and hopefully, that time is spent doing something that matters with a smile. Something that matters to someone, especially to you. 

We've made thoughtful choices when crafting Jem flavor blends, and have continued to not make specific compromises around health over time because of that: it matters to us.

Things That Matter To Us

  • 100% certified USDA organic ingredients
  • non-pasteurized nuts
  • sprouting nuts
  • glass jars! (not plastic jars or pouches)
  • blending ingredients with intention: superfoods and superfruits 
  • vegan 
  • gluten-free
  • coconut sugar (not white cane sugar) 
  • stone ground for hours (no addition of palm oils)

What ingredients are in the other jars or plastic packages in your pantry? Look! Know why we don't use palm oil, look it up online. Rain forests are being destroyed and species of animals are being extinct. Learn about white sugar, why it's white to start and begin to take a stand on what matters to you. For us, first and foremost, our health.

We want to encourage you to consider what matters to you in all the choices you make, especially food. 

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