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Summer Recipes: Jem on Ice Cream

In our eyes, the best part of social media is connecting with people who share our common interest: good food! We have been so blessed to receive daily Instagrams where people include Jem in one or more of their daily meals. The most common one being dessert.

Here are 3 "grams" to inspire you to add some flair to your next bowl of ice cream, and consider the kismet combination of Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss with our Jem Organic Nut Butters.  

Do you have a bowl that's so good it's The Bowl of ice cream bowls? Bananas, toasted nuts, stirred vigorously with nut milk, fresh berries –– however you enjoy your sweets, share it with us on Instagram. #ShareJem #JemRecipes


jem almond butter organic

A heavenly combination: Jem x @lunaandlarrys by @moondonofrio


chocolate ice cream

 Midnight snacking with @theveganzombie


organic chocolate ice cream topping

 @leahsplate cheers to the weekend!


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