Nourish Your Mind Body & Soul

Nurture to Nourish

At JEM Organics, we aim to provide the most nutrients in every bite of our amazing nut butter. This is why we carefully hand select each ingredient, are USDA Certified Organic, choose ethical vendors, sprout our nuts and have been recognized for our clean products.

Nutritious Ingredients

We have a long list of very unique and interesting ingredients. These include maca, elderberry, eleuthero root, acerola berries, camu camu berries, maqui berries and the list goes on. We choose these interesting ingredients due to their nourishing qualities. To see the entire list of our ingredients and to learn about their benefits, visit our ingredients page. Even the nuts we use are premium and USDA Certified Organic. This means they are pesticide free and filled with superior taste and benefits. To learn more about USDA Certified Organic, read our Organic blog.

Ethical Vendors

JEM Organics looks for sustainable vendors who produce their products ethically and are environmentally friendly. We make sure every ingredient we use was nurtured and grown with TLC. For example, our high quality Chacon Maca comes from Sol Raiz Organics, where every root is traditionally and organically cultivated in the High Andean Mountains of Peru. This means it’s from a single plantation, no tractors are used, every root is hand-selected and sustainably harvested. Some other examples include our Ecuadorian cacao, organic and fair trade coffee beans, premium Tahitian vanilla and local Jacobsen sea salt.

Sprouted Nuts

All JEM Organics’ nuts are sprouted before they’re transported to the stone-grinder. We sprout our nuts for maximum nutrient absorption. Sprouting allows the nuts to germinate and the phytic acid, lectins and enzyme inhibitors are removed. This increases the nuts’ bioavailability, nutrient density and makes them easier to digest. Another plus is they taste better! Sprouting nuts, makes them naturally sweeter. Win win!

Good Food Award Winner

JEM Organics is a four-time Good Food Award Winner! The Good Food Foundation recognizes crafters for more than just taste. They look for winners who craft food that’s good for the consumer and the environment. Crafters safeguarding biodiversity by creating clean ingredient products and who emphasis on fairness and transparency from seed to plate are considered for this award. Our most recent win was JEM Organics Salted Caramel Almond Butter for 2021.

JEM Organics nut butters are all about nurturing, nourishing and uplifting the world with ethical and healthy food. We hope you’ll join us and enjoy every nutritional bite JEM Organics has to offer.