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We know you're not all women. That the mere sight of the PMS acronym in a recent Jem newsletter ensued whiplash for a couple of our male readers. So here's the same content rearranged for your back pocket: Netflix and Jem.

Wait, why say it again? We didn't want to read about PMS again. Well, we're not sorry, because it's worth repeating ourselves! A lot of guys don't seem to understand that their female counterpart is in pain once a month and if they offered Jem instead of an attitude, they'd be a hero.

Three Ways to #NetflixandJem

  • Jem, 1.25oz Baby Jems
  • Jem, 6oz Classic Size
  • Jem, 16oz Pantry Staple 

Here's that previous post we mentioned with other home remedies for PMS, other than a jar of Jem that is. 

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