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Jem at WILDER, An Oregon Running & Writing Retreat

This retreat took a direct route to our hearts. While we didn't have the opportunity to join these beautiful, talented, strong, smart women –– our Jem was in attendance on the table for breakfast, snacks, and of course, dessert. 

WILDER, a Running & Writing Retreat located in Bend, Oregon is the essence of why we do what we do. It's a healthy, active, community-focused event that also happens to serve delicious and healthy food to keep you fueled and strong at heart. 

Below is a fun reel of images from the WILDER Retreat earlier this September which we enjoyed –– hopefully you do too! If you're inspired to attend a WILDER Retreat, go here, or if you're now craving some Jem Butter, go here. Who doesn't want a Saturday schedule like that first image? Gah, heaven! 

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Photos by: Jess Barnard