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Recipe: Instant Almond Mylk (Non-Dairy Milk)

It's 7:00 AM and there's NO MYLK in the fridge!

We've all been there. If you're in a pinch and you forgot to buy mylk at the store or soak/sprout your nuts last night, here's a quickie solution to make instant nut mylk with ingredients you can pronounce in a hot minute at home.

Instant Almond Mylk Recipe

  • grab your blender and plug it in
  • choose the nut butter of your choice (Jem, anyone?) 
  • fill your blender with filtered water
  • add 1-3 Tbsp of almond butter, depending on servings needed 
  • (we like our mylk creamier than the consistency of water, so approx. 1 Tbsp per person / per cup of water = 3 cups of water, 3 Tbsp butter)
  • blend away!

mylk nut almond milk homemade  

If you're not using Jem, you may want to add some additional flavor depending on what your mylk is for. Using a pure almond butter is just fine, but it you want some sweetness try adding a small amount of vanilla, maple syrup or honey. 

After you make your instant almond mylk, try planning ahead and enjoy the process of slowing down by soaking and sprouting your nuts. It’s worth the time and your body will be better off. All our Jem Nut Butters are all sprouted; can you taste the difference? Shop Jem online to see.