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Recipe: Homemade Hawaiian Truffles

Our friends on Maui know how to snack. They creatively made "truffles" that we cannot get enough of. Minimal, savory, sweet, healthy, bite-sized genius. Here we have gluten free bread enhanced with Jem Organic Nut Butters, making the perfect truffle before you take on the ocean for round two. Or, the perfect homemade gift for a friend that loves Jem Butters. 


How to Make Jem "Truffles" Like a Hawaiian: 
  • Make, buy or dream up your gluten free "base" being a bread or soft cookie. Slice into half moon shapes like in the first photo below. 
  • Smear the Jem Butter of your choice, also as seen in the first photo
  • roll into a ball so that the Jem is the center of the "truffle" (we were able to use just one 1.25 ounce jar for 4 truffles)
  • roll in chia seeds (see second photo below)
  • consider rolling in chopped macadamia nuts for a second touch of Hawaii
  • place four "truffles" in a square box that doesn't allow the balls to move too much, keeping the chia seeds intact
  • add a ribbon and give to a loved one
Hawaiian style truffles, check! Enjoy! 
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