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A Costco Approach To Life

Maybe you've noticed this already, but we're romantics. 

Quality time (QT) with loved ones is important to us. So is saving money for the experiences that bring us joy (not things). What if we tried to merge the two –– QT time with loved ones and experiences that bring us joy –– more frequently? Not just on the weekends, or one vacation a year. What if QT wasn't repetitive, meal preparation became interactive and educational, and you saved money in the process so you can work less? 

This is what romantics over here are dubbing "A Costco Approach" to life. The bulk, money saving business that Costco offers us started the idea. Our friends who have lush veggie gardens, raise cows, have chickens, pick seasonal berries in mass quantities, pickle their own veggies, make beauty products, and who have their own honey bees inspire the rest. 


First, you have to have a passion for one of the above: homemade food, pickling, gardening, making beer – anything that you're interested in doing yourself. Now, the Costco approach is bringing in bulk or wholesale pricing to save money on supplies and inviting your friends to join is the fun part but it's also the educational factor.  

The point of all this is to work less, do more of what you love, save money and be creative with friends. We want to inspire you to brainstorm projects with friends –– not just trips, meals, exercising and celebrations. True interactions that benefit everyone, maybe even the planet –– and commit to making them happen this summer. 

Interested in beer? Brew your own and collaborate with a friend. Interested in eating healthy? Make a shopping list with a friend and go to Costco and split the bill on organic products like big bags of organic brown rice, black beans, lemons and cage free eggs. Or maybe you've always wanted to make preserves and you want to learn the process from harvest to canning; do it with friend! 

This is dating on steroids. This is serious QT with loved ones that will get you outside of your box, into your community and deepen existing relationships. Who knows where your projects could take you. For us, they brought us Jem. Learn more about the three Co-Founders of Jem. All it takes is an idea and interest. 

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