A Trend That's Here To Stay - JEM Organics

A Trend That's Here To Stay

JEM was recently featured as a 2017 food and drink trend on The Today Show. Nilou Motamed, Editor in Chief of Food & Wine, called out 2017 as the year of “familiar foods with a twist.” It’s all about making our food special.

The exotic flavor of cardamom is taking the world by storm. During the 4-minute segment, JEM’s popular Cashew Cardamom nut butter was showcased as a must-have treat. Our nut butters are leading a “healthy renaissance,” where snacking is both delicious and good for you. Drizzle JEM on everything from popcorn, fruit, desserts, cereal and even pizza (!) for straight-up, ditch-the-guilt decadence.

When the cover of Bon Appetit magazine proclaims, “because healthy should still be delicious,” it’s a celebration of the heart to have our core values revered. (We can’t stop high-fiving each other!) Health and happiness matters, and the two often walk hand-in-hand.

Food trends are a funny thing. We’ve seen them come and go over the past century. Remember the TV dinner craze? We’ve morphed from low-fat foods to the food pyramid to low-carb everything. For decades good old-fashioned real food has fallen by the wayside.

Nutella is a perfect example of a food that started out with good intentions. The original ingredient list? Whole hazelnuts ground up with real chocolate. That was it. Eventually artificial flavors and colors were added, as well as hydrogenated palm oil. *insert scowl here*

When we started JEM, our vision was crystal clear. And non-negotiable. We wanted a product that was not only delicious, but would stand the test of time and trends. Inspired by the infinite wisdom found in Nature, we created a balanced treat that is also a functional food. We use organic ingredients and sprouted nuts that are stone-ground with ancient spices and roots. These artisanal techniques have stood the test of time. Some of our ingredients and practices have been used for over 10,000 years!

Simple, wholesome, wildly delicious real food is THE trend that’s here to stay.