Jem Reviews: Organic, Raw Nut Butter Spread

Jem Reviews: Organic, Raw Nut Butter Spread

JEM is sold all over the nation at big and small grocery stores like Whole Foods, Natural Groceries, New Seasons, ma and pa Co-op's, but also online at organic retailers like LiveSuperfoods, Amazon, and Thrive Market.

Looking for a few JEM Raw reviews before you click "checkout" online? Here are a few we think will make your mind up (and remember, we've been rated 4.9/5 stars on Facebook, and 4.7/5 stars on Amazon):


There's a reason this stuff is $10 a jar
By David Rowlandon September 5, 2014
"This is probably the only time I've ever felt compelled to write a review for an Amazon product. This stuff is absolutely ridiculous. I can't even begin to describe its flavor, but if I had to try, it tastes almost like a piece of caramel with a very small sprinkling of cinnamon. I don't know why, but it reminds me of Cinnabon's smell-not necessarily taste, but smell. That's the best description I can really give other than this is the absolute best nut butter I've ever had, right behind Wild Friend's Chocolate Sunflower butter.


"Awesomeness in a jar."

by Cindy
"This is no doubt the best thing in a jar I have had in years. Well worth every penny."


O to the M to the Goodness!

By Demoderbyking on February 3, 2015
"I am very aware and cautious of what I eat. I try and raise almost everything we consume from grass-fed beef to our honey etc. However my almond trees are not producing yet. So when I am in the mood for nut butter I do splurge. When I saw the beautiful jar on the Natural Grocers shelf the Angels started to sing! I then couldn't decide but... cinnamon and maca? This must be the one! I told myself just keep it in your office have a spoonful and really make the jar last... LOL! You open it and the aroma awakens you! Then you taste and the sun comes out, birds chirp and your head forgets all troubles! Seriously though some people would think I was an idiot for spending that much money on food( I mean we have so many bodies at our disposable just buy Jif right? ) But you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. And this could be 50 dollars a jar and I would always have one hidden away! I reminded myself of Frankie Heck on The Middle hiding her frosting in the garage. :)