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Al Fresco Dining

It's warming up around here and we're outside soaking up every available minute in the sun, taking in the fresh air, and watching all the tiny and not so tiny creatures come to life sharing our gardens and trees as they please. This also means enjoying our meals al fresco. 

Not only do we love utilizing our outdoor space, watching the plants spill over their ceramic pots and turning on the twinkle lights for our enjoyment ––dinner party or not–– but we now have proof it's healthier. 

The physical movement we get alone in cooking and dining outside is obviously beneficial, along with the (protected) sun exposure and fresh air. But what we're learning is that the obvious perks combined with a BBQ equal unprecedented health benefits. 

Another blog we wrote about A Tastier, Barbecued Life gives you 4 points on how it is healthier to BBQ your food, and here we'll break down a few steps to create your own outdoor dining space. 

  1. Like any time you create a space for a specific something, decide where it's most suiting for what you need (your meditation space is probably not in loud, open room): find a space that's close to the kitchen for ease, spacious for large groups, sheltered from excessive sun or winds, and easy to make your own via styling or decorating.
  2. You'll need a sturdy table and chairs that can stand up to the elements of wherever you are –– consider removable cushions if you're in the rainy temperate zone, or sealed metal if there's a lot of sun where you are and if want your furniture to last a couple years rather than just a season. (Umbrellas, shady trees, cushions, benches over chairs –– all choices depend on what works best for you and your style.)
  3. Bring some life into your space. Plants, pots, tablecloths, lights, candles, napkins, hammocks, wind chimes, bird feeders, even water resistant outdoor rugs! Have fun and keep it simple. The goal is to do it once and not have to move it daily but to enjoy it daily. 
  4. Thoughtful details can take your space to that next level. Speakers for the creative types, insect repellent candles for the locations that need it (keep the matches handy), telescopes, water fountains to silence traffic noise, screens for your door, blankets nearby for long nights, and fun beverage coolers / buckets make for a welcoming, easy self-serve summer of al fresco meals with loved ones. 



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Photo by A_Peach on Flickr of Naoussa, island of Paros, Greece