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Dessert: Grilled Organic Peaches with Jem Centers

It may not be officially summer until June 20, but we've been grilling outside since early March here in Central Oregon. For those of you closer to the equator, that's actually quite a feat. It will snow here until July some years, but we're so devoted to extra delicious cuisine at home, that even the snow doesn't stop us. 

At produce stands lately, there have been a lot of juicy peaches and nectarines ripening in the sun. Outside of a sweet treat or smoothie addition, we wanted a new use for these stone fruits and a dear friend pointed us in the right direction: BBQ. 

grilled peaches

After you've grilled your meat and/or vegetables, clean your grill off really well with a wire brush and turn the heat down to a low temperature. Place sliced (ripe) peaches face-down and flip half way through dinner. After dinner, add Jem centers to each slice ––we choose our Hazelnut Raw Cacao Butter–– and top with fresh mint from the garden for a sprig of freshness with the warm peach and gooey Jem Butter. 

If you're an ice cream lover or need a crunchy crust to go with this warm fruit, we tracked down a blog with a few other grilled peach ideas at Rodale's Organic Life. Try them all this summer and don't forget to drizzle them all in Jem –– except the peach-mango salsa, that's probably best with lime and salt over our sweet Jem.  

grilled organic peaches bbq dessert

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