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Summertime Play

Every season has its reasons to be loved and also loathed. Winter tends to take on the weight of the later -- that is unless you've learned to embrace the cold. For us, it's cooking hearty soups from scratch, and climbing mountains to ski down them that keep us both warm and overjoyed in the winter months.

Summertime tends to get less flack for its downsides, but for those of you that struggle with heat, bugs, or juggling busy schedules with kids camps, work, and planning trips –– have no fear, your summer embrace is here. 

At Jem, we have an eventful summer lined up –– one we hope to share with each of you in some way -- full of ways to find an embrace that brings you joy this summer. Seasonal recipes, Farmers Markets, ways to play outside, and weekly newsletters to inspire you to thrive each and every day. 

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Here are few summer dates to keep in mind: 

So, join us! Visit us at tastings across Portland grocery stores, Farmers Markets in NWX in Bend, summer event suggestions and ways to play outside, or new summer recipes with Jem Nut Butter for fun and delicious results. 

We encourage you to follow our lead each week and find your embrace this Summer. May we all come into a warming summer solstice focusing on all the energizing, playful days of thriving –– in our own way –– ahead of us.



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