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Make It Easy To Eat Healthy: Produce + Eggs!

Maybe you've read our last blog post and you know about our secret crush on Padma Lakshmi after reading her memoir, Love, Loss And What We Ate.

Our crush, per usual, is around food. This lady knows food and we love food –– good food. So after finishing her book, we promptly started google-ing Padma to learn more about her flavorful world of food, travels, and women advocacy. 

Delish Magazine dished even more on Padma –– exposing the inside of her fridge! Number three stuck out to us: She Makes it Easy to Eat Healthy. We like that. 

Greens, spinach and other fresh vegetables are always on hand, and they're stored right about at eye level, so they're the first thing Lakshmi sees when she opens the fridge. 

Also close at hand? Eggs. Lakshmi keeps half a dozen pre-boiled, so she can grab one for a protein-rich snack, or whip up a quick egg salad for her or her daughter. 

There you are. A simple trick to eating healthier: make it easy on yourself, buy produce and eggs, have them in plain sight, and do prep work like boiling eggs and cleaning produce before you're starving and staring into the fridge for a quick snack. 

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