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Incorporating Life Hacks From Pro-Athletes

Recently, an LA Times article, "10-Point Plan to Live Forever" interviewing Kauai, Hawaii-based professional surfer, Laird Hamilton caught my eye. For those of us that follow him, Laird, we'd probably assume we already know the main takeaway is probably about treating your body like a truck (he can eat a Big Mac and not get sick!) like most press on him. But then, number two –– it's not your typical re-posted old article, new headline –– it's simple but insightful mixed with Laird's known blunt commentary. 

Given that the Jem Butters team is based in sunny Bend, Oregon at the base of the Cascade Mountain Range, we know a thing or, rather, an athlete or two. We're surrounded by physical talent and the mountainous lifestyle to achieve it. We even have the blessing of athletes tracking us down to include Jem into their strict dietary plans while training. Laird may not be in the desert, but his message still hits home. 

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So Laird offers these 10 life hacks but one strikes me more than others. It's about priorities –– number two on the list: Take Care of Everyday Priorities. 

"The stuff you do every day — your sheets and towels, the food you put in your body — these are your priorities. Not a fancy car or fancy clothes or fancy watches." -Laird Hamilton

I say this all the time! I journal about priorities and how to make thoughtful decisions via boundaries all the time! No matter what your goals may be –– to run a 5K, to make 5K a month, to be a better listener, to spend more time with family –– my life experience has guaranteed me that achieving any goal is much easier if your "everyday stuff" gets done first thing, every day. This, of course, includes good rest on those fresh sheets. Learn how to sleep better

So if all else fails, you'll at least have your routine, your health, a fridge stocked with organic produce, a made bed, and a home over your head. 

Cheers to checking off that prioritized to-do list. 

by Jacqueline Smith | Jem Butters Marketing Consultant 

"Incorporating Life Hacks From Pro-Athletes" originally published at Found Natural Goods. 

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