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Awaken to Spring with Jem Butter Recipes

Much like almond buds open into blossoms for the warming spring sun, it's time to awaken with courage from winters slumber and begin to share your treasured beauty with the world. 

Awakening to spring brings a few recipes to mind that spotlight our Superberry Maqui Camu almond butter flavor blend. The “wild berries” both Maqui Berry and Camu Camu Berry will support you on your journey towards awakening. With their high antioxidant levels, our Superberry Almond Butter will not only give you energy it will help clean up some of the mucky muck from the long winter.

It's the perfect Jem to support you on your journey from winter to spring and into summer. It's high in the beauty enhancing antioxidants from the Maqui Berry and Vitamin E from the sprouted, un-roasted almonds. We call it our "beauty butter" and even use it as facial masques monthly. No, seriously! Use it when you awake in the morning time one weekend. Feel your skin benefit from the wild berries, and see purple proof in your sink water afterward. 

Here are a few Superberry Maqui Camu almond butter recipes that inspire us to awaken this spring (outside of the Superberry facial that is): 

    • Jem Coconut Butter Cups
      • substitute Jem for peanut butter and enjoy the decadent spin on a classic treat –– made from scratch at home. (Full recipe below.)
    • Homemade Wild Berry Smoothie Bowls
      • for breakfast, lunch, and dinner –– visit our Instagram for recipes details but essentially get all the fresh fruits, nuts, berries, and butters you love and sprinkle, drizzle away! The smoothie part of the bowl is just that ––your typical combination of protein powder, bananas, greens, acai, yogurt, milk of your choice or water–– but in a bowl with toppings instead of in a glass with a straw.
    • Visit Carioca Bowls in Portland, Oregon!
      • before you go to the store for all your homemade bowl ingredients, visit Carioca Bowls for some inspiration and even shop there––they sell Jem and other goodies to bring the organic, creativity home. Caroica website.




    @jlpitts Jem Coconut Butter Cups

    Raw cacao coconut butter used for the top and bottom

    Submerge jar in warm to melt a little. In the middle blend 1/4c raw coconut butter with 1/2 banana. Add a thin layer of Jem's Superberry Maqui Camu almond butter.

    Use a silicone cupcake mold and freeze in between each layer so they stay separate. Sooooo good and kills all those sweet cravings. 


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