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Charcuterie Boards & Flights of Jem

Believe it or not, we get asked the same question on a weekly basis, "What do you do with Jem?" We know, we know –and agree– absolutely anything! But, there's no such thing as a silly question, so we created a new Jem combination to inspire our favourite way to enjoy Jem. 

A Flight of Jem alongside a charcuterie board is how we entertain our loved ones and guests when hosting. It's 4 parts sampling ––four baby Jem jars to share and serve as a flight of Jem–– and 2 parts love ––with two jars of your most coveted Jem flavor blends to gift after a party or to replenish your own secret stash.  

Jem alongside the best of the best: soft cheese varieties, olives, salts, cured meats, pickles, dried fruit crackers, almond butter, and even more almonds––Marcona almonds perhaps? We highly suggest a classic charcuterie board, enhanced by drizzling everything in Jem butters.

In total, you will receive 6 jars of Jem* (4-1.25 ounce jars one of each flavor, and 2-6 ounce jars of your flavor choice).



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