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Portland Loves Jem Nut Butters

When Portland's own Portland Monthly got in touch with us, our heart skipped a beat ––they chronicle inspiring and innovate stories of the rarest city we know like it's nothing–– immediately we started packing samples, sealing the package, and kissing it before it was handed off to our FedEx guy. It turned out, that they loved us as much as we love them. 

These sprouted, organic nut spreads are handcrafted in Bend, and have a well-earned following of rabid fans. You can count us among their ranks, because these nut butters rose above the rest. Sure, they’re not exactly conventional, everyday toast fodder, but the ambrosial concoctions rank among the best things we’ve eaten in years. Sweetened with lucuma and coconut palm sugar, even the sugar substitutes are nutrient-rich.

"maybe the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.”

We loved the full line, but especially the Cinnamon Red Maca, which one taster exclaimed was “maybe the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.” Sweet and creamy, like hot fudge with a halo of superfood status, this one is a keeper. The Superberry Maqui Camu is a bit sweeter than our #1 pick, with a pleasing tartness and bitter aftertaste from the Patagonian purple berry that gives the almond butter its name. The chai-like Coconut Cardamom is for fans of the nearly savory spice, and the Chocolate Hazelnut is the best alternative to Nutella around, with a flowing consistency that’s begging to be drizzled on a bowl of ice cream. Try a jar—you won’t regret it. We promise.

If you're in the mood for some trending topics of Oregon, visit Portland Monthly (aka PoMo) online for daily tidbits of interest. Or perhaps you're here for the nut butter, and in that case, visit our Jem Nut Butter Shop –– if you're new to us: try a sample box of four 1.25 ounce jars to have your own sample party

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