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A Silky Smooth, Diverse Condiment: Jem Butter

Jem Nut Butters are known for being delicious on a spoon, straight from the jar. But, also, really well known for being a sweet treat. On ice cream, a banana split, brownie, torte –– really any dessert. 

But what about all the other meals of the day? Can you really indulge every night in Jem with your dessert? The truth is, yes, you can. Jem is made from sprouted nuts, super foods and super fruits –– stone-ground for hours, so it's not us that you're indulging in –– it's whatever you're putting us on. 

Try ditching the indulging every once in a while, and find satisfaction in every meal: breakfast, lunch, and –– yes even dinner with Jem Nut Butters.  


    • simple –– add Jem on oats, or on toast or an english muffin with warm butter or ghee. 


    • peanut butter and jelly? Try Jem + jelly. Even better, warm up your J+J like a panini to make it even more adult. 
    • apples and Jem as a side to any lunch or late snack, add brie and a drizzle of honey –– and you're in heaven. 


    • dip your pizza crust in Jem instead of honey –– trust us!
    • top sweet potatoes, yuca, or carrot fries in any Jem flavor blend –– sprinkle fresh parsley and rosemary on top with sea salt and pepper. It's delicious.

We love finding new ways to enjoy Jem –– share yours with us! On Instagram we have a thriving community of foodies, submitting new Jem Recipes every single day. Tag your recipe with #JemButter for us to repost. 



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