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Ingredient Spotlight: Red Ape Cinnamon

With just a few ingredients in each of our sprouted nut spreads, we choose the best of the best–– from almonds, to vanilla, and all spices. In our most beloved blend, Cinnamon Red Maca Sprouted Almond Spread, we have chosen to exclusively partner with Red Ape Cinnamon.  

Here are 3 things we love about Red Ape, why we choose to partner with them, and what you should know about them:

1. Red Ape Cinnamon believes that helping others is just plain “a good idea.” The kind, beautiful folks at Pearl Buck Center pack our cinnamon products for us. They are happy to pack products, and they do a wonderful job. Pearl Buck Center provides work and vocational training to adults with developmental disabilities.

2. Red Ape selects only the highest quality, organic cinnamon with a minimum volatile oil content of 3%. Their cinnamon is processed slowly and carefully, the ol’ fashioned way. If cinnamon sticks are ground under high and fast pressure, the cinnamon tends to burn resulting in the brown cinnamon you commonly see on the shelf. If you take your time grinding the sticks, the result is a luscious, more flavorful red cinnamon – i.e. RedApe Cinnamon®.

3. 5% of their profits get donated to organizations that protect orangutans and their habitat. How wonderful is that? Part of these funds go towards adopting orangutans. And, they want help selecting the orangutan they adopt this year. Click here to see the red babies you can choose from!

Taste for yourself. Try our Cinnamon Red Maca Nut Butter, made with Red Ape Cinnamon. 

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